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How to Custom Paint Graphics and Flake painting / Car Painting Ideas / カスタムペイント

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Do you remember this car?.This car's paint "Thermocolor" faded in two months and don’t working.So I repainted the front half.However, I saved the second half "chameleon color".

This video explain the multi Custom Paint techniques.Graphics paint and other. How to custom paint step by step video.

This time, I did not paint the faded candy but used yellow and gold as the base color. I repainted this PT Cruiser using various painting ideas and painting methods.

The front bumper and side mirror used a painting method called "Crystal Effect".The graphic on the front was with an airbrush.The graphic on the front was with an airbrush. That's another level of idea.

For other videos, please search with czw77.

Base car : PT Cruiser
Painter : warriorz japan (Mr.K)

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